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Why You Should Study In Poland

Subscribing to further your education in any tertiary institution has its perks, more so, deciding to choose Poland as the country to study in. An interesting thing to note is that Poland offers amazing study opportunities with well-rounded living conditions and also a safe, flexible, and convenient tax system that is not just open to citizens but also international students; enabling students to secure not just their academic goals, but to thrive in individual endeavors.

Poland has a lot to offer international students ranging from the cost of living to affordable tuition fees, cuisines, beautiful landscapes, travel opportunities and high-quality education. Poland is not only known for its beautiful sceneries but also for some of its bustling cities like Warsaw and Krakow creating a perfect blend of atmosphere for business and/or  academic pursuits. Notably, it also boasts of producing one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Marie Curie – a renowned scientist credited for winning Nobel prizes in two different sciences. Among the various exciting experiences Poland offers, here are what you need to know about Poland.

Students in Poland

6 Reasons Why You Should Study In Poland

Great Wildlife Ecosystem

If you are looking to explore a range of wildlife reserves, Poland offers you this unique experience as there are several interesting spots to visit. Interestingly, Poland is not only home to Central Europe’s desert, Pustynia Bledowska, but is also known for inhabiting the Tatras and Carpathian mountains as well as beautiful adventurous centers like the Wolin National Park, Bialowieza forest and the Sopot beach.

Notable for Prominent Universities

Poland is rich in its diverse sectors, one of which is its academic sector which spotlights universities. If you are considering studying at any academic level in Poland, in a University with a wide coverage of English-taught courses, here are a few universities amongst others to look out for:  

  1. Cracow University of Technology
  2. Nicolaus Copernicus University
  3. Jagiellonian University
  4. Warsaw University of Technology
  5. University of Warsaw
  6. AGH University of Science and Technology

Quality and Affordable Education

Even if you aren’t using the scholarship route which Poland offers, there will not be the need to conjure or entertain thoughts of robbing a bank to sort out your tuition fees as they are relatively affordable. 

The standard of education Polish universities offer students constitutes an integral part of the European education space. Additionally, all leading universities in Poland offer English-taught courses in different fields including Business and Finance, Engineering, Humanities and Medicine. In cases where a student wants to experience other countries or work-related migration to other countries, Poland allows for full mobility of students where said student is allowed to continue his/her education in a different country, thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Studying in Poland means you get to be in a state of the art learning environment with fully equipped laboratories and supercomputers which suit different spectrums of the academic world. Whether you are a medical or humanities scholar, Polish universities have a range of opportunities you can fit into. Also, lots of Polish business schools are internationally recognised and as such provide ease for a graduate to work in leading multinational companies. 

Rich Cultural Heritages

A defining characteristic of one of Poland’s cultural heritages is its dedication to family gatherings, holidays and rituals; examples of which are the celebration of name-day feast days, breaking of the Oplatek during Christmas eve dinners, and the reverence of elders. These cultural rituals act as pillars for the people of Poland even during times of great upheaval. 

Spiritual rituals – especially the Christian religion, is a testament to how devout Polish people are to their beliefs and religious traditions. Catholicism is highly revered in Poland and forms the basis for its people’s participation in religious holidays and customs. Cuisines, folklores and local music genres are deeply woven into the fabrics of Poland’s culture with remarkable and notable history. 

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Poland is significantly lower than most European countries. Going by the league table’s rating, Poland offers a wide range of amazing opportunities both in education and employment, hence regulating the rate of unemployment as well as cost of living. Poland offers a myriad of choices for an individual’s overall well-being, ranking high in the healthcare, financial, and environmental sector. 

Poland tops the chart as one of the most hospitable countries in Europe with topnotch security and the most affordable country to live in, even as a student. Although individual interest varies but on an average, a student can live on £500 to £900 depending on the city in which one resides.

students in poland

Magnificent Sceneries

Poland has an all-embracing, beautiful landscape and fascinating history allowing you to gulp the beauty of nature by exploring resort options like the Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot on the Baltic sea. However, if your interest revolves around skiing and trekking, it boasts of a large mass of land suitable for these activities and in cities like Zakopane located on the peaks of the Carpathian. It is also a home of lakes as it has over 1,300 lakes.

Lake in Poland


To access this wide range of interesting study experience in Poland, asides having the requisite documents needed for application, you need the services of an efficient licensed official to take you through the process seamlessly and accurately to avoid glitches and rounds of unsuccessful applications. Contact our well-trained officials to learn more about how we can be of help to you in your application process to study in Poland.

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