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Siotoh Global Mobility (SGM) was established in 2020 by Dr. Martins I. Imudia, a renowned immigration lawyer. Dr. Imudia stresses the value and importance of international education, study-abroad programs, and travel. He understands that these experiences contribute to the development of more worldly and knowledgeable individuals. However, cultural differences, complex admission processes, and difficulties in obtaining visas make this a mammoth task for anyone who wants to experience other cultures. With over 20 years of experience in transitional education, immigration, and travel, Dr. Imudia knew that there was a better way.

At SGM, we value intercultural experiences and aim for our services to be the vehicle to enhance personal and professional growth. Our founder, Dr. Imudia, is not only passionate about this, but serves as an example of how important cultural diversity is. He has travelled to all seven continents and has provided his services to people from various cultures and backgrounds. In addition to his work in immigration, he has consulted for the World Bank in multiple continents on value-chain projects.


We truly value the intercultural experiences that international study or travel programs offer and our quality, customized services serve as a meaningful vehicle for enhancing personal growth as well as professional development.


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Create Opportunities

With our specialized services, clients get the opportunity to travel or study abroad, which can be profoundly beneficial for vacationing client to de-stress or for the student to achieve his/her academic and career goal.
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Make Dreams Come True

With our services, underserved students can now enroll in prestigious schools abroad, while visa applicants can now obtain their travel documents through a credible source.
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Link the different cultures around the world

Our high-quality service helps not only to connect the different cultures of the world but also to create an environment of global peace and understanding.

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