The process of getting a visa to go abroad is not just about paying some fees and submitting your documents (if only it were that easy). As part of the Visa process, each applicant is also carefully evaluated by a consular officer who will interview you (and accompanying family member beneficiaries) and determine whether you are eligible to receive an immigrant visa or not.

This may sound frightening as it could go any direction but that is where we come in once again. We help people facilitate migration into Canada and other countries if you have specific requests. We help people get green cards and the proper visa to fulfill their relocation dreams. So, for today, if you are worried about how to ace a Visa interview for travel, tourism or schooling, stayed tuned. We’ve got you.

Here are some key tips to avoid making a bad impression on your visa interview:

tips to avoid making a bad impression in your visa interview


The embassy or consulate will tell you the exact date and time of your appointed visa interview. One of the bad opinions the embassy creates about you is incorrect and neglectful candidate, because of the tardiness on your appointment. Instead, try to arrive at the embassy or consulate where your interview will take place, at least a few minutes earlier. This will help you calm yourself down and relax when giving your answers to the interview questions.

Inappropriate Appearance

Remember that the first impression is everything and, usually, you cannot get the second chance to leave the first impression, so give it the needed importance instead of trying to improve it another time.

The way you appear during your interview, including your outfit, shoes, makeup, temperament, body posture, even the amount of perfume you wear have the potential to be what might penalize your visa application.

It is heavily frowned upon for any interview if you dress carelessly or informally, with unrefined or showy clothes, accessories or ties unfit for the occasion. Show that you have a sense of consideration for the event of the interview by wearing proper formal clothes and shoes as well as minimal accessories. Business is the way to go. Minimal makeup and slight perfume are also supporting elements in leaving a good impression of a serious visa candidate. Just enough to impress without overdoing anything. Don’t forget to be mindful of your posture.

Inappropriate Answers

Unpreparedness is a shortcoming that provokes visa officials to not take your application seriously.

Usually, with the amount of tension you could carry in with you to an interview session, when you do not know what questions you will expect, there are risks of giving inappropriate, inaccurate or untrue answers. That is why it is essential for you to be familiar with the common visa interview questions. You must plan your answers properly in your head early enough before the visa interview date. You can also write down your answers if that helps you recall them easily. But do not read from it during the interview.

Be rest assured that it is okay to be sincere if you do not know the answer to a question. That is more times better than lying your way past and getting caught.

Disagreeing With the Visa Official

Be respectful and mature.

In case you have any objection about what the visa interview official dialogues, you should use a very sophisticated language and a calm tone of voice when clarifying the exploratory issue. Starting arguments with the visa official over disputes during the interview session is another reason why the visa interview might go wrong. Increased tone of voice or a bad approach towards the visa official only shows you are a bad-tempered individual that does not have due respect for the authority that the representative of the diplomatic office enforces.

Incomplete Supporting Documentation

The immigration or diplomatic office invites you for an interview because it needs to prove you have offered valid information true to you on your visa application. To show that you honor this invitation and opportunity, it is best that you provide all required forms of documentation as up to date and valid as you can.

Being poorly equipped with the needed documentation to support the accuracy of information you have provided prior in the visa application form could be grounds for a refusal. Especially if the documents are falsified. Such behavior might demonstrate your insignificance given towards the given visa requirements.


All in all, the key is to dress professionally and conservatively to show that you are serious about your visa application and the interview process. Be well prepared and well mannered. It is important to make a good first impression and present yourself in the best possible way. Dress for success.