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St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment


The St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program is one of several programs in the Caribbean region that offer individuals the opportunity to obtain citizenship in exchange for making a significant financial investment in the country.
This program is quickly gaining popularity among high-net-worth individuals and investors looking for the benefits of Caribbean citizenship.
We have provided an overview of the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program below. Enjoy your reading.


The National Economic Fund (NEF)

The National Economic Fund is a non-profit fund established to support various national development projects in St. Lucia. It is one of the primary routes to obtain St. Lucian citizenship through the CBI program. The NEF option typically requires a non-refundable contribution to the fund, which varies depending on the number of applicants and their ages. The contribution can be lower for single applicants and increased for families. This option is straightforward and does not involve the complexities of real estate or enterprise investments. It provides a direct path to citizenship and thus is the most preferred route to embark on.

Real Estate Investment

St. Lucia’s CBI program allows investors to purchase approved real estate properties as a means to obtain citizenship. The real estate option aims to stimulate the local property market and promote tourism-related development in the country. The minimum investment threshold for real estate is typically higher than the NEF option as the amount varies depending on the location and type of property chosen, rather than who is looking to acquire the property.
The high expense comes with its high reward though as investors in real estate are able to potentially benefit from the rental income or their property’s appreciation. They also have the option to sell the property after a certain holding period has elapsed, often five years, and still retain their citizenship.

Enterprise Investment

This option involves making an investment in an approved enterprise project, which can encompass various sectors like agriculture, infrastructure development, tourism or other economic activities that contribute to continuous growth of St. Lucia.
The investment requirement for the enterprise option also varies widely based on the specific project and the economic impact it possesses. Investors are often required to invest a substantial amount of capital and create jobs for local residents. By investing in an enterprise, applicants can actively participate in the economic development of St. Lucia. There is also the possibility of having the opportunity to generate returns from their business ventures.



Beyond the initial investment, applicants should be aware of other associated costs, such as due diligence fees, processing fees, and legal fees. These costs can vary depending on the number of applicants and the complexity of the case. Applicants often engage legal and financial advisors to assist with the application process, due diligence, and investment selection. These professional fees are additional costs to consider.



This process includes background checks, financial investigations, and interviews to ensure that applicants meet the program’s integrity standards. Regardless of the chosen investment option, all applicants must undergo a stringent due diligence process.
Once the due diligence is successfully completed, and the application is approved, successful investors and their families can receive St. Lucian citizenship.
After obtaining St. Lucian citizenship through the CBI program, the investors may be subject to renewal fees or other ongoing obligations. It’s important to be aware of these costs and requirements to maintain citizenship.

Note: It’s important to note that the specific requirements, investment amounts, and approved projects may change over time as the St. Lucia CBI program evolves and adapts to the country’s ever changing economic needs and priorities. Potential investors should endeavor to consult the official government website and work with reputable legal and financial advisors who specialize in citizenship-by-investment programs to ensure they have the most up-to-date information and guidance when considering their investment options.


Visa-Free Travel

Citizens of St. Lucia enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries and territories worldwide. This benefit creates ease of accessibility with international travel and business opportunities. Common destinations accessible without a visa include: the European Union, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and many others.

St Lucia is a Strategic Location for Business and Travel

St. Lucia’s location in the Caribbean makes it a strategic gateway for international business and travel. Its proximity to North and South America and its well-connected airports make it a convenient base for exploring the Caribbean and conducting business across the region.

Tax Advantages

St. Lucia provides a favorable tax environment for its citizens. St. Lucian citizens are not subject to personal income tax on their worldwide income, which can be a significant tax advantage for high-earning individuals.
There is no Capital Gains Tax in St. Lucia, providing opportunities for investment and asset appreciation. And there are no Inheritance Taxes. St. Lucia does not levy inheritance tax, allowing for the efficient transfer of wealth to heirs.

Economic Opportunities

St. Lucia’s growing economy, driven by tourism, agriculture, and offshore services, can provide investment and business opportunities for citizens. Citizens can invest in local enterprises, participate in economic development, and benefit from economic growth.

Quality of Life

St. Lucia boasts a high quality of life with its beautiful natural landscapes, warm climate, and access to pristine beaches. Residents and citizens enjoy outdoor lifestyles, water sports, and a relaxed pace of life. Great for a holiday getaway.

Residency Requirement

St. Lucia typically does not require residency before or after obtaining citizenship through its CBI program, providing flexibility to investors.

Easy access to Education and Healthcare

St. Lucian citizens have access to the country’s education and healthcare systems. While the quality and availability of services may vary, this can be an important consideration for families.

Family Inclusion in Citizenship Application

St. Lucia’s CBI program often allows the inclusion of immediate family members, such as spouses, children, and sometimes parents, in the citizenship application. This means that the entire family can benefit from St. Lucian citizenship at a go.

Renewable St Lucian Citizenship

After obtaining citizenship through the CBI program, individuals can usually renew their citizenship, often after a certain period, without the need for additional investment. This provides long-term security and flexibility.

Diverse Investment Options

The CBI program offers multiple investment options, including the National Economic Fund, real estate, and enterprise investment, allowing applicants to choose the option that best aligns with their financial goals and interests.

Global Mobility

Unlike some countries which do not permit dual or multiple citizenships, St. Lucian citizens have the flexibility to reside in St. Lucia or any other country of their choice. This flexibility can be valuable for individuals who seek to establish residency or business operations in other countries.


Providing legal and financial knowledge from our expert advisors, Siotoh Global Mobility offers consultation sessions about citizenship-by-investment programs that can help individuals make informed decisions about their investments and the advantages of holding St. Lucian citizenship. We would assist prospective applicants in carefully considering their goals and circumstances when evaluating the benefits of St. Lucian citizenship. You can get in touch with our qualified advisors for more information on how we can support you throughout your citizenship program application.

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