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Specialized Training Programs

At this day and age, it is imperative for any individual to acquire some short term learning experience that does not only enhance their knowledge but also be very effective for them to take care of their academic or career goals. Understanding the need for such courses, Siotoh Global Mobility (SGM) has introduced various Specialized Training Programs that are dedicated to providing the students with a strong academic foundation as well as the career-oriented skills that are necessary for the workplace. The Specialized Training Programs that we offer are:

Study Tours

As your partner in global education, we have strategically partnered with educators to transform the way learners look at the world, their goals and themselves. This passion has grown considerably, and future leaders benefit from international education through study tours every year. Study tours tend to amplify the three pillars of learning – cultural experiences, language, and academics. The goal of our study tour program is to inspire the next generation of global citizens.

School Tours

Through partnership with key players in the education industry all over the world, we provide School Tours to inspire and assist students in the understanding of existing opportunities in global education. Services include hotels and flights to meals and booked appointments with destination institutions. Usually, everything is included in the price and coordinated by a personal team of planning experts.

Extended Learning Program Series

In collaboration with affiliates, we offer a selection of specialized non-degree courses that focus on several advanced learning areas that very few students have access to in traditional schools.

On-Demand Training Program Series

We offer on-demand trainings designed to address value chain or change management issues for private or public entities. These trainings help mostly emerging countries in obtaining sustainable development.

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