Our Services

At Siotoh Global Mobility, we aim to make obtaining visas and travelling as easy as possible for you. We have years of experience in providing the following services.

Our comprehensive school placement services include everything from an initial counseling session to preparation of documents. The process differs depending on the needs of the student, including the different reasons they have for wanting to study abroad. We cater to English as a Second Language (ESL) students, undergraduate students, and graduate students.

Counseling is personalized to each individual student and starts with an initial interview and questionnaire, which are used to narrow down schools. All requirements and scholarship needs are taken into consideration and students receive help with personal statements, preparing for various tests, attaining reference letters, and submitting documents. Additional services include assistance with scholarship applications and visa processing.

Travelling abroad requires visas, whether you’re going abroad to study, as a tourist, or on a business trip – even if you’re allowed a visa-free entry, there are still other entry documents that you must arrange. SGM makes the visa process easy by providing you with specialists that break down the application process and review documents before submission. SGM’s knowledge of consular relationships also ensures that all deadlines are met.

This includes study tours, school tours, extended learning programs, and on-demand training programs. Our team of experts plan and coordinate everything, including accommodation, flights, meals, and appointments for visits.

We provide on-demand training programs which are utilized by companies and governments to accelerate sustainable development and include technical skills. Thus, we help individuals partake in training programs that lead to employment opportunities.

Citizenship by investment services help individuals and families secure second passports so that they can travel more freely, cut the immigration process shorter, and visit countries they otherwise could not. SGM helps with the barrage of paperwork and detailed requirements that this process brings about. Experienced professionals are assigned to clients to narrow down options, identify suitable options, and then to help with the intricacies of the process.

We are proud to say that our services don’t stop when you reach your destination – we aim to help you adapt to the new environment and make you comfortable by helping with temporary housing and even finding houses. This includes research on the market, fulfilling specific accommodation needs, and helping with lease extension or termination.

The area orientation program familiarizes you with your surroundings, makes sure that you can get around the city independently, and makes you aware of all shopping, dining, and entertainment options, as well as police and emergency services. Depending on your needs, this can be customized to fit your particular lifestyle.

SGM’s all-encompassing services even help you look for suitable schools for your children with the company’s specialists researching and narrowing down schools, arranging visits, and even assisting you with applications and registration upon request.

The Student Success Program ensures academic success by providing students with resources like language training, orientation to the city and culture, and support in maintaining the student immigration status.

SGM also offers assistance with immigration and work permit paperwork and helps clients deal with legal issues, entry clearance, and even local immigration law changes.

Business development services include assistance with business registration, financing, sourcing materials, warehousing, staffing support and more.

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