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School Placement Services

Many people dream of studying in the best colleges and universities abroad not just for new job opportunities but for lofty career prospects. So, if you are thinking of crossing the seas to get a good education in a foreign destination, then hold on to the idea tight as it can completely change your life as you know it now. This is because most colleges and universities catering to international students have a very sophisticated system of education, which is not only highly competitive but also well recognized around the world. The degrees issued by these elite institutions are highly acclaimed and valued worldwide for its high quality and integrity.

So, if you can earn an education degree from abroad, it would act as a catalyst for your career development. In fact, numerous eminent people whose works have received global recognition chose to go out of their home countries to pursue quality education in other countries. Also, some of these foreign universities and education providers have been ranked amongst the top universities around the world. That is why, every year, hundreds and thousands of international students travel to various countries for higher studies or language courses that can help them in establishing themselves in life.

The year 2017 alone recorded more than 5.3 million international students, of which more than half were enrolled in educational programs in six countries, namely the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, and the Russian Federation. Countries that send most of the international students include India, China, Germany, Nigeria, France, the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, and several Central Asian countries. The group of international students can be divided into three categories. The classification is based on the purpose of education, and their criteria of requirements also vary from each other. The types of international students are:

English As Second Language (ESL) Students

The first category of students belongs to the group of people who have English as their second language. They are also known as ESL students who dream of going to foreign countries to study further. They come temporarily for short durations to complete their language courses. Most of the language schools or the ESL departments at colleges are quite flexible in providing such short-term language courses. That is why these students in most cases can start at any date.

However, the foremost things that these students need to do are making preparations for the required documents for the invitation. Other than that, they also need to manage their time as well as find a suitable language school for themselves. Siotoh Global Mobility (SGM) extends each of these services to international students. All that the students have to do is prepare themselves for the transition without any worries about miscellaneous small things.

In case, any student wants a longer-term to study English, they are most welcome to ask for options that will afford them a smooth transition from their ESL program to a college degree program. SGM would be happy to provide assistance to these students in identifying the best-fit schools for them and helping them with the application procedure for these schools.

Undergraduate Students

The next is the type of students who want to complete their undergraduate education abroad. More overseas students belong to this category, owing to the highly advanced and well-reputed education system of some of the target countries.  SGM has extensive experience in offering superior consulting services to the students from this group as well. However, the requirements for this category of students are generally much more complicated. It requires careful planning with the students and parents beforehand so that there is no room for error.  

Graduate Students

The third category of students are those seeking higher education from overseas at the graduate level. SGM offers comprehensive consulting services to this type of students as well. However, these students are pretty much aware of the steps involved in the application procedures. Hence, depending on their level of awareness, SGM provides them with full or partial consulting services as required by them. 

Role of SGM

Although all of these three categories of international students wish to go to foreign countries for further studies, they have varying requirements. You can trust SGM to provide dedicated and dependable “personalized consulting” for every single student belonging to any of these categories

Application Process

In addition to ESL, both the undergraduate and graduate admission counseling includes an initial interview of the client or prospective student through extensive completion of a questionnaire, development of a road map for the client. The process is used to gather information to propose schools, test requirements, or suggest scholarship options.

SGM provides individualized support by assisting every student with personal statements, test preparation, reference letters, and resume submissions. SGM also helps with scholarship applications and visa processing (upon admission), if requested.

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