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Nigeria Visa on Arrival

The Nigerian arrival visa is an entry permit document applied for at a foreign-nationals’ country of residence and issued to the same upon arrival at government-approved airports in Nigeria. Getting a Visa on Arrival in Nigeria gives room for the smooth-running of the application procedure within the country as it largely reduces the involvement of foreign embassy staffers during the duration of processing.

How Does Visa on Arrival (VoA) work in Nigeria?

Getting a Visa on Arrival (VoA) in Nigeria takes a seamless, efficient and easy process. The visa on arrival in Nigeria demands a pre-request application. The essence of obtaining a visa on arrival in Nigeria is to help reduce the stress of applying for one through embassies and/or consulates at an eligible traveler’s country of residence.

Obtaining a visa on Arrival in Nigeria is available to select non-African and African countries, excluding African countries under ECOWAS who do not require visa before  entry into the country. To be eligible to apply for a VoA, intending travelers must first check their eligibility status and then proceed to follow these procedures:

  • Apply for a visa on arrival approval letter which is only valid for 14 days from the day of application.
  • Contact your country’s representative.
  • Your country representative will go on to file a formal request letter with nationality, name of visitor, proposed airline, flight itinerary, address in Nigeria, passport number of visitor, proposed date of visit, purpose of visit, proposed port of entry, email address of the visitor, acceptance of immigration responsibility as components.
  • Afterwards, the country’s representative will attach a copy of a valid return ticket and a copy of the data page of the visitor’s passport.
  • Proceed to make an online payment for your VoA processing.
  • Upon arrival in Nigeria, tender the approval letter, evidence of payment and passport at the visa on arrival desk, which will qualify you to receive your Visa on Arrival document.

Travelers must print the visa on arrival approval document and travel with it to Nigeria as it is valid for two weeks from the date of approval to the intended date of travel.

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What is the Cost of a VoA in Nigeria?

The cost of visa on arrival in Nigeria is largely dependent on the economic policy regulation existent in an eligible traveler’s country of residence. This is because the cost varies from country to country due to currency differences and immigration policies.

However, acquiring the Nigerian arrival visa varies from country to country. While biometric fee is waived for citizens of the United States of America as they get to pay $160 as visa fee, citizens of the United Kingdom pay a total of $314; $144 as visa fee, and $170 for biometric fee as at April 2024.

Who Qualifies for a Visa on Arrival in Nigeria?

The question of who is qualified for a Visa on Arrival in Nigeria lies solely on the eligibility status of an individual. There are some eligibility criteria to look out for when applying for a visa on arrival in Nigeria, as it is not open to every individual.

Applying for a visa on arrival in Nigeria is open to individuals who fall under any of these categories:

  • Multinational executives
  • United Nations passport holders
  • Reputable international business persons who travel regularly
  • ECOWAS passport holders
  • African Union passport holders
  • Members on official mission by the government
  • Also open to Individuals who possess official travel documents from other recognized international bodies and intend to travel to Nigeria.

Documents Required for Nigeria Visa on Arrival?

Although not all Visa on Arrival documents are the same as there are different categories, there are still necessary must-haves for every category. These necessary must-have documents are required in order to process a visa on arrival in Nigeria:

  • A Visa on Arrival approval document
  • Passport-size photographs
  • A copy of passport biodata page
  • Flight itinerary
  • Passport with at least six months validity before the duration of stay in Nigeria elapses and two blank pages for visa stamps.
  • Proof of Hotel reservation
  • Proof of sufficient funds (bank statement)
  • A valid return ticket
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Supporting documents like visa acknowledgement receipt and payment receipt may be required but dependent on the delegate’s nationality.
  • Invitation letter
Nigeria visa on arrival application

Types of Application for Visa on Arrival in Nigeria

The application type takes three approaches. These approaches are fully accessible to eligible travelers with interest in traveling to Nigeria to work, study, or permanently reside. These three approaches of application for visa on arrival in Nigeria are available to eligible travelers:

  • Online application: This approach demands you visit the Nigerian Immigration portal and provide personal relevant information necessary to aid the visa application process. 
  • Email application: you typically have to send an email to the Comptroller of Immigration to request for a Visa on Arrival form. As an applicant, provide all necessary details for ease of processing your visa on arrival.
  • Application by invitation: this happens in cases where an individual is invited by an organization to Nigeria. While application may be rigorous, it is important that the application email is yours and not the organization inviting you.

Note also that it is possible to appear at the recommended Nigerian airport and then proceed to apply for your Visa on Arrival. This is after you must have passed all necessary requirements to obtain your arrival visa.

Nigeria VoA Eligible Countries

Almost any country except neighboring ECOWAS states can apply for arrival visa in Nigeria. ECOWAS states can travel into Nigeria without necessarily using visa.

However countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, North Korea, and Iran cannot apply for visa on arrival. This measure is in order to help curb insecurity and immigration concerns in the country and also based on diplomatic and political considerations.

Timeline for Applying

Typically, Visa on arrival takes a maximum of 2 days for processing. Although fluctuations may occur in periods of processing, it is important to note that the visa on arrival processing timeline can vary and as such, intending and eligible travelers are advised to apply well in advance so as to ward off incidences of delay in processing.

Available Visa on Arrival Categories in Nigeria

Like the usual visa with different categories, the visa on arrival doesn’t have one standard type. These are the available visa on arrival categories in Nigeria:

  • F5A – Tourism Visa: this allows for single entry with a three months (90 days) maximum duration as length of stay.
  • F9A – Returning Nigerian by Birth Visa: This visa category allows for a minimum of one person and a maximum of multiple people. Additionally, individuals or groups of individuals applying for this category are allowed to stay for 90 days within the country for each visit.
  • F3B – Transit Without Visa: This visa type doesn’t allow for entry into the visiting country but serves as permission to stay within the airport of the visiting country. With this visa type, an eligible traveler is only allowed within the country for a period of 48 hours.
  • F4C – Business – Frequently Traveled Executives Visa: this visa type is open to investors with assets in Nigeria worth at least $250,000. Maximum days of stay is 90 days (estimated three months)
  • F7K – Emergency/Relief Work Visa: obtaining this visa type allows an individual travel entry into the country of choice for a period not longer than 90 days.

Note: All categories of Visa on Arrival except “F3B – Transit without Visa” can be accessed via the Nigerian Consular Missions or Visa Application Centers and eVisa System.

Nigerian Airports that Process Visa on Arrival

It is important to note that not all airports in Nigeria process Visa on Arrival for eligible travelers with intent of traveling into Nigeria to study, work or permanently reside. As specified by the Nigerian Minister of Interior, these four Nigerian airports have been given permission to issue visas on arrival to foreign-nationals. They include:

Contact SGM – Get Your Visa on Arrival in Nigeria

Obtaining a Visa on Arrival in Nigeria serves as a laissez-passer for regular and eligible travelers to travel with ease as it is a convenient and effective way to streamline the entry process into Nigeria. This process is open to selected African countries and non-African countries and demands little effort as almost all procedures can be completed online allowing for seamless communication and implementation of intention to travel into Nigeria.

However, it is important to stay abreast with the changes related to visa on arrival application procedures, eligibility criteria which are in line with the Nigerian Immigration Service or Nigerian Diplomatic Missions requirements to aid a stress-free application.

Siotoh Global Mobility (SGM) have expertise in helping foreigners secure visa on arrival in Nigeria. Contact us today to help with a seamless application process.

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