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Siotoh Global Mobility has gained a reputation for excellence in international visa processing and global mobility. Our specializations, which include school placement services, visa and travel services, and specialized training services, have helped countless exemplary students and employees avail opportunities that changed the course of their education and careers.

Because of SGM’s success, we are constantly asked to expand our services to other locations. This has led to us offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs around the globe. It gets better – this amazing opportunity to provide a crucial service doesn’t require a large investment.

Research from UC Merced has shown that 97% of students who have studied abroad found employment within a year of graduation, compared to only 49% of those who didn’t. 

90% of study abroad students also got accepted to their first and second choice grad schools.

With these results being replicated by other studies, it is clear that there is a high demand for school placement and visa processing services. SGM’s franchise opportunity is the perfect solution to this, since it facilitates a streamlined business model which generates a substantial profit.

To extend this offer to a higher number of investors and expand the Siotoh Global Mobility brand, we are offering multiple franchising opportunities. You can opt to own a single unit franchise in a protected territory of your choosing, or you can invest in an area development plan. The latter allows franchisees to lock down a larger territory and open a series of SGM locations. Your initial investment gives you access to a turnkey operation to streamline your franchise development process.

The Siotoh Global Mobility franchise does not require products or physical labor, making operating the franchise easy and beginner friendly. Regardless of your prior experiences, all franchisees are required to complete a detailed training program that will be led by SGM founder, Dr. Martins I. Imudia. Upon completion, franchisees will learn about the various services, and will be taught the ins and outs of the back-end aspects, such as bookkeeping, marketing, and staffing.

You won’t be left to juggle everything without any help – Dr. Martins and his franchise support team will guide you through every step of the franchise development process to make sure that your Siotoh Global Mobility franchise is a success!

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