Using a Canadian Golden Visa is the best option for foreigners to become citizens of Canada; Canada is the world’s best country for quality of life in 2020.

Skyscraper in Toronto Canada

Skyscraper in Toronto Canada

Over the past ten years, the Canadian economy has been among the greatest in the world. In reality, it is distinguished by a superb educational system and a highly developed economic environment. Five of the top 100 business schools in the world are located in Canada.

In addition, all foreigners and investors seeking residency in Canada will find it a peaceful and inviting country thanks to its diversity and tolerance.

Canada, well-known for its beautiful scenery and natural beauty, also offers a modern yet family-friendly way of life. It is among the safest countries in the world and has meager rates of crime and violence.

For foreign investors, it is the ideal setting.


Immigrants Investor Program

The Immigrant Investor Program seeks to draw capable business people who can contribute to Canada’s prosperity by making a sizable investment in the country’s economy. Investors can receive their permanent residence visas for Canada and those for their immediate family if they fulfill this program’s requirements for Canadian immigration (so long as they are not found inadmissible for medical or security reasons).

There is no longer a Federal Immigrant Investor Program. This immigration program ended on June 19, 2014, and all pending applications were canceled.

An individual must possess the following to be considered for qualification as an investor:

  • having a minimum net worth of $1.6 million; having managerial experience;
  • must be prepared to invest $800,000 in a government-backed project; financing for this project is available from Canadian financial institutions.

By investing $800,000 for a minimum of five years as an immigrant investor, you and your immediate family can qualify for Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visas. Except for Quebec, this is for applicants planning to live anywhere in Canada.

The program is government-guaranteed, so your $800,000 will be fully returned, interest-free, after five years.

The applicant for an investor visa must have managerial experience in a global organization, in agriculture, in business (commercial, industrial, or professional), or in government.


All about the Canada Golden Visa

Processing Canada Golden Visa documents

Processing Canada Golden Visa documents

In addition to everything discussed above, the Canada Golden Visa provides the following advantages:

  • You will enjoy the same social benefits as a Canadian citizen as a foreigner living in Canada, such as health insurance, lenient tax laws, etc.
  • You’ll be permitted to work, study, and reside in Canada.
  • You are covered by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian law.

If you eventually complete the conditions, you may apply for Canadian citizenship.

If the investor and his family have a good command of English or French, have no criminal records, and have learned about the rights and obligations of citizenship as well as have a grasp of Canada’s history, values, institutions, and symbols, they can apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 to 4 years.

National Park Canada

National Park Canada

What choices are there for investing?

By selecting one of the following investment options through Canada Golden Visa, you will be able to go to the country with the best quality of life and start a new life as a resident:

  • Investing the entire CAD 1.2 million in a government-backed bond over five years
  • $350,000 in financing was given to a financial intermediary to buy the government bonds on the client’s behalf.

Understanding that you will receive your invested funds back in total, interest-free (0 percent ) after the entire investment is critical.

On the other hand, as it will pay for the entire CAD 1.2 million bond purchase, the fees and interest paid as a funded investment are non-recoverable.

What are the requirements to qualify for the Canadian Golden Visa?

The following conditions must be met to qualify for the Golden Visa Canada, in addition to picking one of the two investment options:

  • You must demonstrate your expertise and professional experience.
  • You must present the supporting documentation for the source and origin of the funds as an investor.
  • To be eligible for citizenship, you must have lived in Canada for at least three years before applying.


Canada, one of the Countries with the best standards of living

Through the Golden Visa Canada, you can become a citizen and join one of the safest places on earth to live.

As a foreign investor, you and your family will profit from this lifetime investment by having access to business prospects in the country with the best quality of life.

Do you desire freedom of movement? Invest in the Canada Golden Visa. The Golden Visa Canada can help investors become citizens of Canada, which offers visa-free travel to 171 countries worldwide.

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