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About Us

We are a global mobility company committed to providing outstanding school placement, visa support, and other travel-related services to our clients. We are dedicated to assisting students who are aspiring for studies in various countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Europe, and Canada. Established in 2020 by the highly acclaimed immigration lawyer, Dr. Martins I. Imudia, we understand and value the importance of international education or study abroad program, which plays a crucial role in increasing the worldwide movement of persons and services. Our team of expert professionals helps the students with the complete process required to successfully attend schools abroad.

Due to cultural differences, complex admission procedures, and challenges in overcoming the nuances of the visa application process, Dr. Imudia founded this company to make the admission and visa process more efficient and seamless. His experience of more than 20 years in transitional education and travels inspired him to create a unique concept that was developed into the essence of this company. The most important aspect of our mission is getting applicants the right fit for their education and making their transition from their home country smooth.

We focus on facilitating the connection between international students and the schools located in different countries. We assist in obtaining admissions, acquiring the visas necessary for traveling abroad to study, or participate in campus tours, as well as enrolling, and obtaining non-degree training programs. This drive has provided us with the insight to customize our services for the students. Our international partners belong to a wide range of countries including the US, the UK, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Soon, we have plans for diversifying our business to incorporate services like international investments and business development, international adoptions, and medical tourism services among others. Currently, we offer a wide range of services customized for adults as well as teenage students. Our services include placement assistance to international students at various schools and universities across countries. We are happy to provide these programs and placements drive for both individuals as well as for groups.


We truly value the intercultural experiences that international study or travel programs offer and our quality, customized services serve as a meaningful vehicle for enhancing personal growth as well as professional development.


 We create opportunities

With our specialized services, clients get the opportunity to travel or study abroad, which can be profoundly beneficial for vacationing client to distress or for the student to achieve his/her academic and career goal.

 We make dreams come true

With our services, underserved students can now enroll in prestigious schools abroad, while visa applicants can now obtain their travel documents through a credible source.

 We link the different cultures around the world

Our high-quality service helps not only to connect the different cultures of the world but also to create an environment of global peace and understanding.



We are a group of dynamic people committed to providing outstanding school placement, visa support, and other travel-related services to our clients.


We envision helping to facilitate seamless travels and developing highly educated, intercultural pool of human resources that can serve the world at large.


We are committed to providing the following services to our clients:


We provide all possible help required to obtain admissions into schools within the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more.


In addition to helping individuals and corporate entities to facilitate visa processing for travels to countries of interest, we also help students acquire their visas, which is necessary to travel internationally to study or participate in campus tours.


We believe that it is not enough to gain admission, obtain a visa, and travel to a foreign country. Hence, we have developed a program that receives students upon arrival and helps students adjust to a new culture with ongoing support. This is important because most students arrive in their newfound country at a very tender age and need ongoing support which parents are unable to provide due to distance. This program has led to the successful completion of studies and achieving the family’s desired goals for the students.


We help individuals and governments of emerging countries to accelerate sustainable development through specialized training programs. Most of the training includes value chain development programs for the acquisition of technical skills. Through the program, we help participants to enroll and obtain non-degree training programs to improve the chances of employment.


While we assist individuals and corporate entities to facilitate visa processing for travels to countries of interest, we also help in clients acquire citizenship of second countries though investment. Citizenship by investments, also known as golden visas or golden passports programs, is the process of legally obtaining a second passport from select countries and applying for travel and work arrangements based on the second passport.

School Placement Services

Travel/Visa Services

Specialized Training Program

Citizenship by Investment

Destination Services


  • We provide credible visa and travel related services based on years of experience.
  • We provide top-notch services of placing students in good schools abroad.
  • We constantly learn and upgrade ourselves so that we can improve our services and our overall performance.
  • We endeavor to provide steadfast support, suggestions, and advice to our students before, during, and after their placement.
  • We are committed to providing transparent services to all the parties involved in order to ensure that every issue is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • We comply with the different legislations applicable in different countries and ensure that our students understand the foreign laws and respect other people’s customs.
  • We facilitate continuous training for our employees so that they are motivated


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